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Introducing Momentum Bonus

Assumption Life Momentum Bonus,* a compensation initiative that encourages you to build sales momentum and grow your business, while earning more commission in the process.

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Interested? Perfect! Here's how it works

Advisors who reach $10,000 in net annualized first year commission (NAFYC) on all individual insurance products within a calendar year will be eligible for the Momentum Bonus.

Once an advisor reaches $10,000 NAFYC, the Momentum Bonus is applied to all NAFYC for that given year and the advisor will be eligible for an increased Momentum Bonus the following year (see below). As long as the advisor continues to achieve the $10,000 NAFYC each calendar year, they will qualify for the Momentum Bonus.

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Do you currently earn more with another carrier? If so, Assumption Life can match your continuous production bonus rate, and qualifying is simple!

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*The Momentum Bonus will form part of the Broker Compensation Guide and is subject to the terms and conditions of both the guide and the broker contract with Assumption Life. Net annualized first year commission or NAFYC is total amount of commission earned on individual insurance business in a calendar year, less any chargebacks using our standard rolling 24-month chargeback period. If in any calendar year an advisor receiving a Momentum Bonus generates less than the minimum NAFYC, the advisor will no longer be entitled to a Momentum Bonus. If in any subsequent year the advisor generates the minimum NAFYC for that year, they will be entitled to a Momentum Bonus restarting at Year 1. If during the qualification year you are receiving theMomentum Bonus and chargebacks are incurred, a portion of bonus equal to the chargeback amount will be reversed at the applicable bonus rate. Policies submitted with more than one advisor will qualify based on each advisor’s percentage of commission split, based on their individual broker codes. All candidates must follow industry and regulatory guidelines including full disclosure to their clients regarding participation in the Momentum Bonus and any other applicable incentive programs. For more details on compensation and bonuses, please review the 2020 Broker Compensation Guide.